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Why does white wedding dress become the mainstream of Western-style wedding?

Why does white wedding dress become the mainstream of Western-style wedding?


Before the 19th century, there was no uniform color requirement for bride dresses worn by Western girls when they got married, so when did the white wedding dress become the mainstream wedding dress in Western weddings, and make it be popular until now?

This has to mention the century-old wedding of the British Queen Victoria in 1840. When the Queen appeared at the wedding scene wearing a white wedding dress with a tail length of 18 feet and a beautiful white veil, the pure white from head to toe surprised all of the audience.

Her white wedding dress is covered with precious lace, which makes the queen look like a holy fairy, and before her, no matter a royal family or a civilian, no girl wears a white wedding dress to hold a wedding. This amazing move of the Queen has really created  that the white wedding dress has been popular in the British royal family for nearly 200 years. It let the white wedding dress become a symbol of the wedding in the West and even all over the world, and also become a symbol of true love and a perfect marriage, and it has been circulating to now. Since then, the white wedding dress seems to have become the traditional dress of the British royal wedding.

In 1947, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip married at Westminster Cathedral. At that time, the Queen's wedding dress was made of ivory silk and designed by royal designer Norman Hartnell. The wedding dress has elaborately embroidered star-shaped lilies and orange floral patterns, and is embellished with 10,000 pearls imported from the United States, gorgeous and classic.

In 1981, at Princess Diana's wedding, the exquisite Cream taffeta wedding dress with train 8 meters was set with more than 10,000 hand-sewn pearls, which is also amazing.

In 2011, Princess Kate wore a wedding dress made by the British brand Alexander McQueen, full of fairy-tale elegance and exquisiteness, making her the most beautiful bride in the world and gathering all the happiness standards of women.

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