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Three Highlights of Wedding Photography

Three Highlights of Wedding Photography


It may take the bride half a year to find a satisfactory wedding dress, but if you want to keep the beautiful image in the beautiful wedding dress in the most beautiful moment, you need the help of a photographer! So, which wedding "silhouettes" must be on the wedding day? HMY will tell you now the three highlights of wedding photography, which are all moments you like to keep.

1. Boudoir details

First:  Maximized display of wedding dress skirt

Second: Photographing the effect of lower body wedding dress

Third:  The scene of bridesmaids tidying up wedding clothes

Four:  Sitting on the bed, showing the "blooming" of the tutu skirt

Before the wedding has started, there is usually a long time in the boudoir with the girlfriends. During this time, HMY feels that the photographer can fully capture the beauty of the bride's "quiet as a virgin". In particular, the uniqueness of the wedding dress should be displayed from various angles, such as the skirt, the back design, and the full picture of the wedding dress. After all, a wedding dress that is only worn once in a lifetime, who doesn't want to take a few more photos?

2. show love with him

First: Walking with the groom

Second: The sweet moment when the skirt naturally spreads

Third:  Use light to take a wedding photo

Four: A bird's eye view

Five: Sweet moments of dancing

You are wearing a once-in-a-lifetime wedding dress and he is wearing a neat suit. How can you take photos to leave the happiest moment on your wedding day? Usually, photographers like to use the technique of shooting from behind to make the picture look more extensible. The bride can leave the beautiful back to the lens and add affectionate glance back. At this time, the man who doesn't like taking pictures can just be a beautiful man beside him quietly.

3. the bride's alone time

First:  Picture of wandering alone in the church

Second: Take a picture of the veil from behind

Third: Capture the dynamic beauty of the bride

Four: The full picture of the wedding dress

HMY knows that usually photographers at weddings are prepared to shoot the bride, so it’s right for the photographer to follow the bride to take pictures. Even if she is the only one in the photo, wearing a beautiful wedding gown, even low-key girls will burst out Infinite desire for expression. What the photographer needs to do is to record every dynamic or static beauty of her through the lens.

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