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Short wedding dresses are the main trend for Summer

Short wedding dresses are the main trend for Summer


In the choice of wedding dresses, princess dresses are generally the most popular, but with the advent of summer, the hot weather makes brides more inclined to short wedding dresses, so in summer, short wedding dresses are the trend. Moreover, there are more and more brides pursuing individuality. If you are a girl who pursues free and easy or playful temperament, perhaps a short wedding dress is the best choice for your wedding dress!

First of all, short wedding dresses are the most popular and the most accepted, it is this style with short front and long back. Although it is a short one, it has a long back to give it ample momentum, and it feels windy when walking.


In addition to the A-Line long back, the mermaid wedding dress also has a short design, which is especially suitable for brides who take the sexy route. Do you remember Olivia Palermo's dress at the wedding that everyone loved? Use shorts with long yarn, although strictly speaking, it is not a short wedding dress, but the visual effect is obviously the same. Even the world-class Icon wears this way. Who says that short wedding dresses are not enough?

There is also a short wedding dress designed for the length of the calf or ankle. Although it is not as impactful as the long tail in appearance, it is the most elegant and graceful of all wedding dresses. Especially the following two, with a off-the-shoulder design, it feels like the bride is a nobleman from "Sissi".


And when Hepburn got married, she was wearing such an ankle-length wedding dress. It was the age when ankle-length umbrella skirts were in power. I have to say that fashion really is reincarnation, and now its trend is blowing back.

After appreciating the above two styles, the next thing we will talk about is the most common one piece dress-style short wedding dress. It has a variety of styles, through different materials, you can say that it is playful and smart, or it can be said that it is refreshing and simple, especially with a long veil, which has a very eye-catching contrast.

And the simple and fresh short style has a big advantage: there is no need to worry about high heels stepping on the skirt! And there is no waste at all. A big wedding dress can only be put on a shelf once, but a short wedding dress can also be worn for the party afterwards.


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