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17 Interesting statistics about wedding dresses

17 Interesting statistics about wedding dresses


The wedding dress may be the shortest but most important piece of clothing in a woman's life. Are you still hesitating to choose a wedding dress? Take a look at the following 17 interesting statistics about wedding dresses to add inspiration to your dream wedding dress.


1. The bride-to-be usually decides on the wedding dress 11 months before the wedding.

2. 59% of brides-to-be will look for wedding inspiration through photo social sharing websites, such as Facebook or instagram.

3. 18% of brides-to-be will buy wedding dresses online.

4. 32% of brides-to-be will buy wedding dresses from national chain bridal shops.

5. Only 1% of brides-to-be will choose a suitable wedding dress at the sample sale.

6. 57% of brides-to-be will order wedding dresses from independent designer wedding studios.

7. The average price of a wedding dress is approximately US$1,355.

8. The average price of bridal veil is about US$199 .

9. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest wedding dress in the world is 1.85 miles (approximately 2970 meters) long. It took 10 tailors to sew it in 100 days. The lace is from France and the other materials are from Italy. The cost is 5,000 pounds.

10. 14% of brides-to-be prefer colorful wedding dresses.

11. 21% of brides-to-be prepare a evening dress in addition to the wedding dress.

12. 86% of brides-to-be will still follow the tradition and wear some new, some old, some borrowed and some blue things at the wedding.

13. What is the biggest expense besides wedding dresses? 31% of brides-to-be choose wedding shoes, 67% think it is makeup and hair, and 2% of brides-to-be spend a lot of money on their wedding day clutches.

14. 95% of brides-to-be do not like bridesmaids choosing white bridesmaid’s dresses.

15. 66% of brides-to-be expect the bridesmaid’s dresses to match or unify.

16. Only 14% of brides-to-be will let the groom see their wedding dress before the wedding.

17. 46% of brides-to-be will leave the wedding dress to their daughters or granddaughters.

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